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What's New

Kindle Vella that's what's new! Never heard of it? That's okay, neither have most people... yet. It's a brand new platform from Amazon where you can read new stories one short episode at a time. The first three episodes of every story are free so you can test it out without any commitment. If you choose to continue reading, you can unlock additional episodes for a very nominal fee. This type of reading is especially great for book lovers who only have a few minutes at a time to indulge. Episodic writing is super popular in Asia and Europe, but fairly new to the United States. Time will tell if it proves to be as popular here. But I hope it does because it's a fun way to write. I have two stories I'm really hoping you'll check out! There's not many readers yet, so I'd really appreciate your help getting some traction. One is middle grade, and the other is something new for me—sweet, clean romance with a dollop of suspense! Can't wait to see what you think.

The Clock Gene


MG fantasy/historical fiction
When Birch learns the rare clock gene she inherited from her grandmother allows her to time travel, she's not excited, she's terrified! After all, Birch has a dismal track record when it comes to succeeding at new endeavors. But when she agrees to grant her beloved Gran's last wish by traveling to 1894 Canada in behalf of animal welfare, she discovers amazing things not only about herself, but about the power of courage. Love dogs? You'll love this story based on the real life Beautiful Joe.
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The Clock Gene


Clean, sweet romance
After 36 years of no luck in the true love department, sweet, unassuming school teacher Emory Dockins has pretty much given up on ever finding the right guy. Never in a million years does she expect to attract the eye of the intimidating swoon—worth Secret Service agent who comes to question her about death threats against an aunt she never knew existed. Yep, life's funny like that. And maybe Emory shouldn't give up on her happily ever after just yet. Clean romance with a dollop of suspense.
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One final note, since Kindle Vella is a new platform it's not yet available on all devices. But anyone can read from the Amazon website itself. Or on the Kindle app. Hopefully it will expand to Android soon!

Happy Reading!